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Hi. I’m Riccardo.

“Live a dream with me”

My interests:

Singing and Music
Video Clips
From “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, W. Shakespeare

I play, sing, write songs, make video clips and shorts, but I love acting very much. I have always dreamt of acting, especially acting in English.

You know…at school I was bored studying some subjects, expecially English. At school some teachers thought English wasn’t for me; someone else thought I was a slacker. How many teachers cannot understand girls and boys at school!


“Good Girl” (acoustic version)

The first song recorded in studio.

Here is a short fragment of the song “Good Girl” written by Riccardo a few years ago. The song has been sung live on a few occasions and was presented for the first time in the autumn of 2018, when Riccardo was also on stage as protagonist in the theater musical “Sei pronto per la fine del mondo?”

About Me

Then, to write some songs, I started studying English on my own, and subsequently I became passionate about trying to understand it from those who speak it fluently. In the meantime I studied acting with the right person, I was in Dublin for a few months and I continued to speak English in Italy in a specialized center and with a native speaker teacher. Well… it took me a few years to do all this, but now I’m very happy with the result.

You think about feeling of a person which achieves good results with his own strength and by wanting it with all of himself! Has this never happened to you?

I get very excited watching American films in the original language and I prepared to face a very difficult audition in a famous college to perfect the art of acting: “The American Academy of Dramatic Arts“. And do you know what happened? I auditioned and they accepted me into the Academy!

The Academy has already awarded me two scholarships and I also had a scholarship from my parents, but this isn’t enough to cover the costs of the two-year course of study. I still need help.

Do you want to make this dream come true?
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2. What I Did

Here are some of my performances

¡Viva Shakespeare!
Sei Pronto per la Fine del Mondo?
Cyrano de Bergerac
Vasca Rosa
She used to be mine
From “The Seagull”, A. Chekhov – An Audition of Mine

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Here I want to thank my two fantastic Italian supercoaches Angela Dispinzieri (Singing) and Laura Tornambene (Acting) for their teachings and, above all, for their wonderful friendship.”

“For You” (acoustic version)

Here is a short fragment of the song “For You” recently recorded by Riccardo.

“Benvenuti a teatro, dove tutto è finto ma niente è falso.”

“Welcome to the theater, where everything is false but nothing is fake.”

Gigi Proietti

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